As we continue to follow Sukhi’s first weeks in her new role, she looks back to the initial recruitment processes and provides some valuable insights into her opening experiences, in her first week as a member of our team. If you missed episode 1 in the series you can watch it here.

We begin with the virtual interview process. It is essential to us that candidates feel at ease, during the interview process, to enable them to communicate their skills and for both parties to have the opportunity to evaluate how well matched the applicant is to the role.  Sukhi explains how our approach helped her to relax, talk openly about her abilities, and explore her suitability to the role.

Our directors welcomed Sukhi to her new employment and gave her the chance to start building the professional relationship straight away – key to any successful business.

Sukhi is inspired by our ethos and has ambitious plans for future recruitment and growth.  If you feel you fit with our motivated culture, see what jobs we have available right now or learn more about our Company.