What attracted you to the Ellis Recruitment Group?

The Ellis Recruitment Group (ERG) stood out for me immediately – a very professional website, and it was clear that they were highly experienced professionals in the IT recruitment industry.

ERG was also going against the curve – as other suppliers were reducing headcount during the pandemic, ERG identified that the market was due an upturn in public sector hiring and had a plan to double the workforce!

You joined the business in the height of lockdown; how was your onboarding process?

We have just been through a surreal 15 months with employees forced to work from home and lose face to face contact with candidates and clients.

A remote onboarding process seemed daunting, but I found it seamless with ERG.  Daily Teams meetings to introduce me to working practices and offer support in relation to IT and public sector recruitment processes.

Was the role as you expected it to be?   Were there any surprises? 

The role has lived up to expectations, and it is fantastic to work on several requirements, having secured contracts with regulated bodies and the Digital Market Place.  No surprises as yet, but based on my first three months, I am convinced they would only be positive!

Tell us about your background. Where were you working before you joined our Ellis Recruitment Group team?

I was a Police Officer for 12 years before making the transition into recruitment.  My last role was Law Enforcement recruitment, where I utilised my experience as a practitioner and put it to good use in the consultancy arena.

What have been your highlights since joining the team?

From a performance perspective, I am exceeding my goals regularly. I’ve also agreed terms with a company inside the commercial sector that would typically be out of my remit.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Without a doubt, the people!! There is no silo working at ERG. Everyone pulls together and always available to offer help and support. It’s refreshing.

What are your plans for the future?

Take public sector recruitment to the next step with ERG and establish ourselves as the preferred supplier to the market. With the support the team has, it’s not as daunting as it sounds.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join our Company?

Embrace the Company’s culture. You will not find another agency that puts so much emphasis on career development and putting its people first!

If you are an individual who wants to develop an exciting and productive career in recruitment, then give yourself the best chance by joining the most successful team to foster your personal goals.

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