Ellis Recruitment Group distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to exceptional onboarding and a vibrant corporate culture. We view onboarding as the launchpad for our employees’ futures, not just a process. Our team thrives in an environment where potential knows no bounds.

We encourage our employees to be more than just part of a company. They are architects of their own destinies at Ellis Recruitment Group. Our people-centric approach fosters empowerment and belonging.

We asked key players across Ellis Recruitment Group, “What makes Ellis Recruitment Group stand out?”

I chose Ellis Recruitment Group because, from the very beginning of my application and interview process, I could sense and witness the company's deeply ingrained welcoming culture. I have a strong affinity for a work environment that embraces values like inclusivity, friendliness, fun, and transparency, which are all dear to me, especially as an HR professional. Working in a place where these values are actively practiced every day truly makes it an ideal workplace for me.

Additionally, I am drawn to the fact that all our sales offices have a distinct identity and a strong drive. The energy level here is consistently high, and the unwavering support for each other's success creates an incredible team dynamic. It's the combination of these remarkable qualities that truly elevates my experience working at Ellis Recruitment Group.

Chelsea Bigrave
Head of People

My main reason for choosing Ellis Recruitment Group was for the work culture, as I felt the team/business was positive and professional. I was also excited by the potential for growth & professional development as I am just starting out in my finance career. The office is only a 15-minute walk from home, which is an added bonus of no commuting!

Natasha Sookur
Finance Assistant

I chose Ellis Recruitment Group because of their 5-year growth plan and ambitions to become the go-to agency of choice for each of the brand’s respective markets; it also helps that I worked here before, so I knew what I was walking into, but the level of detail in the 5-year plan was definitely something I could get on board with and buy into. I like having a plan or common goal that everyone is working towards, and after numerous meetings with Sean and Jason, how could I say no?

Danny Warren
Sales Manager (SAP Contractors)

I'm excited to be part of the next 5 years and the plan to grow the business. It’s truly exciting to be part of an innovative, collaborative and personable business. You don’t feel like a number, so you feel like you’re working amongst friends.

Travis Powell
Manager Alle Vendite

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