What is the culture like at the Ellis Recruitment Group? In Part Three of “Why join the Ellis Recruitment Group?” we help you get a feel for what Ellis Recruitment Group culture feels like, as well as how we created and nurtured it:

Culture and values are influential when choosing to work for any company. What are they like at the Ellis Recruitment Group? 

New Accelerate Recruitment Trainees get the opportunity to come to our luxury target hitter lunches too

Ellis Recruitment Group’s culture is welcoming, fast-paced, encompassing, friendly and transparent. Our sales offices have an identity and a buzz, and the energy is high. It’s great to absorb the action; everyone is on the phone, coaching and feedback are continual, and placements are being made, making the energy palpable. The high energy is infectious and great for developing new recruitment trainees.

Our company values are just one way in which we enhance our culture.   Too often, values are created within an HR function, meaning the rest of the organisation doesn’t always connect with them; they are often stuck on a wall and forgotten. Nothing can be further from the truth at the Ellis Recruitment Group.

We are proud that our values are OUR values — OUR teams created them. We live our values and celebrate them; they underpin our strategy and business processes.

What does the future hold for the Ellis Recruitment Group?

Post-pandemic, the teams for various offices enjoy getting together

Our growth strategy is in full force; we are expanding the Ellis Recruitment Group globally, driving the development of our people. As a company, we continue to learn about engagement drivers for different geographies, generations, and demographics, then implement new methods to keep our global team connected, delivering an engaging, diverse and welcoming culture.

A key element of our growth strategy is the development of our people, from our support teams to our existing senior sales teams and our Accelerate Recruitment trainee recruiters. We have development opportunities for all on a global basis.

What would we say to anyone who is considering joining the Ellis Recruitment Group?

If you are starting on your recruitment journey, it can be overwhelming, as there are plenty of recruitment consultancies to choose from. Our advice would be to make sure that you align with the culture and ask questions about training and ongoing development – make sure that you speak to people in the team who can provide honest feedback.

If you are looking to work in a company where you can have a true sense of belonging and drive your career, then look no further.  Ellis Recruitment Group is proud to be a people-led organisation; if you have the passion, motivation and drive, rewards are a successful career that you can evolve in and a supportive and fun culture.

Make sure you have read Part 1 and Part 2, which take a look at the Accelerate Recruitment Training provided to new starters and people starting in the recruitment industry and what it is like to be part of the Ellis Recruitment Group.

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