Our classroom-led programmes have been created to suit whatever stage you're at within your recruitment career. Not only do we teach you about recruitment process and sales techniques, our training also helps you develop a greater technical understanding of the products used by your contractors and clients.

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Process & Sales

You will spend your first two weeks focussing on best practice and sales techniques. Within three months, you will have the skills and understanding you need to be effective.

We also educate you about the world of compliance — an often-ignored aspect of recruitment.


We teach you all about the software being used by our clients, and how it fits within an organisation. This translates to a far deeper understanding of a client’s recruitment needs.

This really does separate you from the competition, as your insight will be easy to spot.

From my first day, my training has been comprehensive and has given me the confidence and the tools to maximise my potential. Considering I came into the role with no prior experience, I have learnt a huge amount in a relatively short space of time, thanks to everyone’s extensive knowledge of technology and the world of recruitment.