If you're new to recruitment, our top priority is helping you to grow into your new career.

Our unique Accelerate Recruitment Training equips you with all the skills you need and engages you with your work and team.

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What is the Accelerate Programme?

Accelerate Recruitment Training is our unique development and support package, specifically designed for anyone new to recruitment.

From Day One, our training builds your confidence and ability as a recruiter, as well as your technical knowledge.

Just as importantly, the programme helps you engage with your new work, your team, and the Ellis Recruitment Group’s values and ethos.

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Accelerate has you covered

There’s a lot to learn in any new career, but don’t worry — Accelerate has you covered.

Our two-week initial programme covers everything you need to know, including the fundamentals of:

  • Mindset and Motivation
  • CRM and Social Media Management
  • Headhunting
  • Product Training
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • …and much more!

In this first phase, the skills you’ll gain will kick-start your success at the Ellis Recruitment Group and stay with you for life.

No recruitment experience?
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Continual training

Of course, no matter how good the initial training is, you can’t learn everything in a few weeks. That’s why after the first training phase, the Accelerate Recruitment Training programme continues your development with:

  • Product training:  Twice-weekly sessions to develop your knowledge.
  • Weekly reviews: Check in and discuss any barriers and how to overcome them.
  • Recruitment Juice: Review your progress and introduce further training modules.

It all adds up to giving you the right training at the right time.

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grows with you

The support you need

Whether you need help with a specific job-related issue or support with a wider wellbeing problem, the Accelerate Recruitment Training takes an always listening approach.

Communication is the key, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat through any problems. As a new recruit, you’ll have daily contact with your line manager, as well as weekly meetings in your first month.

In addition, Ellis Recruitment Group has robust strategies in place for supporting our employees’ mental health.

Join a genuinely
supportive team

Engaging with our values

At the Ellis Recruitment Group, we’re proud of what we stand for. A key part of the Accelerate Recruitment Training is helping new recruits to understand and engage with our core company values:

  • Collaborative – World class in our field, we work as a team, pulling together for outstanding results.
  • Connected – We stay connected to our industry, clients, candidates, and each other.
  • Engaged – We enjoy what we do, working harder, smarter, and investing in our people.
  • Ethical – We’re inclusive, champion diversity, and follow strong moral principles.
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Helping you plan and grow

Achieving your goals needs the proper training, a lot of hard work — and a plan.

Part of your Accelerate Recruitment Training is developing a formal progress plan to help you achieve your true potential.

The plan starts with you: your talents, your ambitions, and your targets. With your manager’s help, you go through the four stages of planning, acting, tracking and reviewing.

Monthly one-to-one sessions and yearly reviews check that you’re on course to reach your career ambitions.

Exceed your ambitions,
smash your targets

I haven’t been here long, and I had no experience in recruitment but through the 1 week intensive training, I learnt so much to be able to give me a good push start into this journey of recruitment. But I’m still learning every day.